Metallic Eggs


What you will need:

  • X-Press It Metal Leaf

  • X-Press It Gold Size

  • X-Press It Paint Brush

  • Foam or Paper Mache Eggs

  • Paint

Step 1: Paint your eggs in whatever colour you please. Allow the painted eggs to dry completely.

Step 2: Using a clean paint brush, apply a thin layer of X-Press It Gold Size on the areas you want to cover with the Metal Leaf. Allow the Gold Size to dry for 15 minutes or until it becomes tacky.

Step 3: Delicately place X-Press It Metal Leaf onto the area where you have applied the Gold Size. (You can use tweezers or your fingers to do this). Once covered with Metal Leaf, use a clean, soft brush to dust off the excess leaf softly.

Step 4: Use these eggs to decorate your house during Easter. 


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