X-Press It Gold Size 125ml

Product Code: XPGS125

• Acid free & non-toxic
• Water based
• Flexible
• Excellent holdout
• Clear drying

Applications: Use on paper, cardboard, textiles, timber glass, ceramics and many more surfaces.

Instructions: Apply a thin even coat with a brush, over the basecoat (usually terracotta.) Allow 5-10 minutes curing time before applying leaf. Once the size changes colour from white to clear, apply the metal leaf to the surface. Depending on the thickness of application, the open time is approximately 10-12 hours. The applied size is cured when the surface tack dulls. Apply leaf to all applied areas as the size will remain tacky. Wash brushes or applicators with water immediately after use. After applying, varnish imitation leaf is to avoid tarnishing.

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